Meet The Facilitators

 Facilitators are not representative of their corporations and alliances. They are contributing to this project as independent pilots who stand in front of their careers and different niche gameplay contents. Facilitators contribute their speciality to deliver unique content to New Eden. They are pioneers who are inspiring thousands of players in New Eden. For Academy Eternal War they can advise and supervise CORE members, they share their knowledge and expertise in our event and tournament organisations, they can join our classes as guest lecturers, and many other ways we can cooperate with them to bring the best gaming experience for our new pilots


Coconut Space Marine  (CSM)


Suitonia stands out from many other pilots in his field of expertise of solo/small gang content creation, tournament support, competitive PVP, and someone who has his ear to the ground when it comes to community sentiment, especially from the side of the fence that he represents. He streams most weekdays so you always know where to find him if you want to discuss challenges/changes and ideas with him.

While he seems like an "elitist PVP'er" in fact he has been part of many new player organisations and enjoyed playing in corporations like Karma Fleet, Brave Newbies, PH and Dreddit. He has been also a guest teacher for New player initiatives like RvB and EvE University. He streams 4-5 times a week and Recurring guests on Talking in Stations. 

His "EVE is Easy" video series inspires and guides countless new pilots to start PVP in the early days of the game.