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Delegates are corporations/alliances that represent different gameplay styles. In Academy, we have experienced pilots who are guiding and teaching different aspects of the game to provide a solid base and prepare them for their future adventures.

Considering the fact there are so many alternatives exist in-game, figuring out what they would like to be&do is a great challenge for many new pilots in EvE. And even after making a decision, career planning is important as the next challenge on the line.  We believe that making these decisions based on knowledge and understanding is a keystone for success. To provide this opportunity for our pilots we cooperate with organisations who are actively engaging these alternative game playstyles day by day and thrive in them. Delegates :

1. Assign representative pilots to share our social environment and be part of our community. They do own their own channel and its control in our discord server.

2. These representatives introduce their gameplay style to our pilots. Where do they live? How do they thrive? How do they become self-sufficient in their area? what kind of skills, traits, attitudes are required to take part in?

3. Cooperate with CORE members for organising joint events & operations, training sessions simply using every opportunity to keep new pilots involved. 

4. They are free to recruit our pilots when they mutually see the pilot is a good fit for the organisation, ready to join eager and set rapport.

5. In the recruitment process pilots follows the application and evaluation stages just like any other pilot who apply to join these corporations. Delegates are the decisionmaker and responsible for their corporation's recruitment process and security. 

5. Delegates are independent organisations. We are NOT "blue" to them as well as they are not necessarily "blue " to each other. They may even be in a war against each other. 

 In essence.  we do create this multicultural and multidisciplinary environment for new pilots so they can learn all different gameplay styles before they get caught by common negative biases and prejudices towards these game playstyles.



As an alliance, our goals are to be more than an alliance, for us our ally is our house and we are a family and to have FUN.
We operate in Venal (Null NPC) as an independent alliance with our own structures and of course NPC stations. This means we make our own decisions and we answer to no one.

You just need to undock and you will find targets in our main staging system to kill. And we have enough targets to feed our hunger for blood.

To fund your PVP needs you can make 500m/hr doing lvl4 Guristas missions(Burners), but you are free to make your isk the best way you see fit.

We got an excellent logistic group that help us move our assets from between Jita -Venal

If you are interested in please contact our diplomat.


or join our discod:





NOIR  3.jpg

Founded in 2008 and nearly continuously active since, Noir. is the oldest mercenary corporation in EVE. We have a long and famed history of operating across all kinds of space, becoming the heroes and/or villains in over 300 EVE stories big and small. Noir. members are calm, calculated, and excel at adaptation. We execute fights with ruthless efficiency and unshakeable professionalism. 

But outside of combat, we’re actually a pretty chill bunch! Our international, multi-time-zone community is home to some of the best people you could hope to meet. All in all, we are a tight-knit group that takes pride in our play, love a good meme, and always look for ways to help each other out.

If you like the idea of being a space merc growing your wallet while fighting really hard opponents in interesting campaigns then you belong with us. Diverse content every day, new and meaningful objectives regularly, and a vibrant community to share it all with. Come see what you’ve been missing.

Alekseyev Karrde (Noir. Director)




hold the pod2.1 TEXT JAVANESE 22.png

Hold the Pod is a wormhole corporation living in a C5-C5 high-class wormhole. We are currently part of the B0SS Alliance, an entity that resides in Venal NPC null security space. We enjoy PVP activities like "rage rolling" wormholes for content, Black operations, Pochven roams and killing pretty much anything we come across. We also enjoy utilizing the natural resources of our wormhole and static.

We partake in PVE activities such as ratting, gas harvesting, mining, and relic/data hacking. Our corp is open to new players and alpha players, with doctrine ships such as the Exequror requiring only 2 days worth of training time. Our newbro friendly ships fit into our doctrine and allow for new players to participate in Fleet vs Fleet wormhole PVP. A one-day-old tackle, Ewar, or logi pilot is extremely valuable and not to be underestimated. Apply today.

CEO and Delegate

Xackattack Avianson



Apply Today

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Electus Matari is a pro-Republic, anti-slavery, combat-oriented alliance. Our main area of operations covers all tribal lands: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Great Wildlands, and occasionally also Derelik. Support to allies, temporary engagements, and limited operations cover all areas of accessible space.

Member entities of Electus Matari are independent corporations loyal to the Minmatar Republic, all seeking in their ways to secure and develop the Republic in order to support her people, her government, and her military forces. 

EM fights pirates, pro-slavery entities, high-security bullies, and the Triglavian, Sansha, and Blood Raider threats in our space, and sometimes participates in campaigns in the Minmatar Militia.


Arsia Elkin 

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