In the past  we had helped many corporations and individuals to hold the ropes of PvP in New Eden . We always believe that sharing knowledge and understanding is a great virtue. The Persuaders truly neutral and non-profit organisation who work for increasing pilot qualities in all over New Eden. Our fights are fun and we uphold a sportsman like attitude. Today we would like to share this experience and a very unique content with  all other open minded corporations.

PvP Training Program Content ​


        Content of training program greatly shaped  and adjusted by  the corporations current capabilities and  needs. Therefor content may change  depends on corporation to corporation. But if we need to give a simple example for the content it might look like this:



Trainer streams his screen live in Theory & Practice sessions . All attendants free to ask questions for better understanding and elaborating the subjects. 

* Introducing the combat ships and ground Fitting principles for the PvP ships

*Modules mechanics and interactions in PvP context.

*Explaining some of the terms like : Signature radius/resolution/analysis, tracking.

*Turret and Missile mechanics. 

*Introducing basic combat strategies and some classic fits stands up for those strategies. 

*Reading  and understanding different combat fits and evaluate optimal piloting strategies for different situations. 

*Developing and adjusting fits for different purposes. 

*Basic PvP related skills and  time / performance efficient  skill training programs. 



We hold practice classes in our event arena. Depends on the agreement  we may  provide fitted ships ready in a Bowheads at the arena and all fleet members can freely reship from the ship maintenance bay seamless . So no need for  dock back to station all session long . Before engage any practice fights we may introduce those aspects while all pilots in space .


* Introducing tactical overlay and reading vectors

* Inducing awareness  and understanding around  "engagement profiles"

*Checking and re-adjusting module layouts before combat. Getting ready.

*Fast lock up and initiate combat.    

*Some fun subjects like introducing weapon recon

* Introducing sling shot and practice. ( Pilots understand this mechanic very easily since the trainer introduce  this by sharing his screen meanwhile practicing with  attendants ) ( getting better at this greatly dependent to pilots eager to practice after go back to their home systems)

*Range control and tanking. 

* Damage appliance. When to orbit? When to keep at range?. How to manual orbit ? How to decide what are the criterias?  

*Practice fights: In this section pilots invite each other for duels once at a time and experience the different fits and hulls. Meanwhile trainers and  The Persuaders members presents to watch the fights and give feedback