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Welcome to Academy Eternal War

 Here you can find some very important informations you might need when you first join to Academy.  

Where do we live ? 

 Teshi I - Quafe Company Retail Center  located 2 jumps away from Amarr Trade Center and 4 jumps away from Deepari Career Agents Mission system. Regardless the location you start your adventure in New Eden universe, you can proceed your career missions where we live and for the very new pilots in that stage, we do provide properly fitted ships for both career missions and Sisters of Eve Epic Arc mission chain.



When you join corporation you will find our in-game public channel Academy Eternal War and our discord invitation link in our Corp MOTD. Message of the day (MOTD) is the colourful messages you can see both in our corporation and in our public channel and we do use these posts to keep you informed about our events and fleets. When you join our discord please change your discord name as your in-game pilots name in our corporation. And ask help for the roles.   


Soo What now?

After you move in and settle down we strongly suggest you to contact one of our CORE members to sort your Skill Training Program. Our corporation has ready skill plans suitable for both alfa and omega pilots. But as many things in EVE, there are never one cut fits for all. So personalization and focus very important for optimal results. And our core members will help you to customize your skills over time when you are exploring the new world and all new alternatives. There are many combat / exploration sites, mission agents, belts in our surroundings that you can try your ships and make isk. And again communication is very important to fallow our class/fleet/event date and hours.  As well as opportunities to make profit by helping us. We do always pay higher than market and we have %0 tax policy.  

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