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        In the past  we had helped many corporations and individuals to hold the ropes of PvP in New Eden . We always believe that sharing knowledge and understanding is a great virtue. The Persuaders truly neutral and non-profit organisation who work for increasing pilot qualities in all over New Eden. Our fights are fun and we uphold a sportsman like attitude. Today we would like to use this experience to introduce and share  very unique content to all other open minded corporations.  


            We had experience around training corporations into PvP  both theory and practice. As well as we are unique corporation who is still standing up for one of the oldest tradition of New Eden : Mutual War Concept. 

            Today we merged two concept in a genuine way to serve our primary reason for exist.  This content has 2 major components: 

1. Stage 

PvP Training Program 


content of training program greatly shaped  and adjusted by  the corporations current capabilities and  needs. Therefor content may greatly change  depends on corporation to corporation. But if we need to give a simple example for the content it might look like this:


Theory : 

Trainer streams his screen live meanwhile Theory & Practice sessions . All attendants free to ask questions for better understanding and elaborating the subjects  :  

* Introducing the combat ships and ground Fitting principles for the PvP ships

*Modules mechanics and interactions in PvP context.

*Explaining some of the terms like : Signature radius/resolution/analysis, tracking.

*Turret and Missile mechanics. 

*Introducing basic combat strategies and some classic fits stands up for those strategies. 

*Reading  and understanding different combat fits and evaluate optimal piloting strategies for different situations. 

*Developing and adjusting fits for different purposes. 

*Basic PvP related skills and  time / performance efficient  skill training programs. 



We hold practice classes in our event arena. Depends on the agreement  we may  provide fitted ships ready in a Bowheads at the arena and all fleet members can freely reship from the ship maintenance bay seamless . So no need for  dock back to station all session long . Before engage any practice fights we may introduce those aspects while all pilots in space .


* Introducing tactical overlay and reading vectors

* Inducing awareness  and understanding around  "engagement profiles"

*Checking and re-adjusting module layouts before combat. Getting ready.

*Fast lock up and initiate combat.    

*Some fun subjects like introducing weapon recon

* Introducing sling shot and practice. ( Pilots understand this mechanic very easily since the trainer introduce  this by sharing his screen meanwhile practicing with  attendants ) ( getting better at this greatly dependent to pilots eager to practice after go back to their home systems)

*Range control and tanking. 

* Damage appliance. When to orbit? When to keep at range?. How to manual orbit ? How to decide what are the criterias?  

*Practice fights: In this section pilots invite each other for duels once at a time and experience the different fits and hulls. Meanwhile trainers and  The Persuaders members presents to watch the fights and give feedback 


2. Stage

Mutual Wardeck

      PvP training  program gives both sides chance to  meet each other and facilitates the relationships. Both sides do  their best to keep their ends up to make this experience fun. After training corporations have chance to practice and have chance to get further supervision. 

      In second stage both corp leaders make an agreement around mutual war deck between two corporations. In this agreement The Persuaders respects the other sides needs and limitations as well as can support them by sending supervisor or some of our own members to bolster your sides numbers in order to balance organised fights. 

      If you would like to learn more about the Mutual War tradition and would like to see explanations and example mutual war agreement please click on those links: