Mutual War Agreement g 4

               The Persuaders brings the mutual war concept back to New Eden with a new perspective:

       We would like to promote sportsmanship and a competitive dimension in this game by using Mutual Wars as a tool to sharpen both sides PvP skills, improving piloting qualities and embracing this games PVP  aspect with both “CREATIVE” and “FUN”  content.

 Mutual Wars differ from normal wars in several points:

  • They are free and do not incur a weekly war bill

  • They do not require a War HQ to be set by either party

  • There is no requirement for either side to be eligible for Wars, a mutual war will remain active even if war eligibility is lost during the war.

  • Either side can end the war at will, triggering the normal 24h war cooldown before fighting stops

  • It is not possible to join allies into a mutual war.

For more information please visit :


To learn how your corporation can benefit from the mutual war concept :


    As a corporation, we are now accepting war declarations once at a time. With set rules, principles and with mutual agreement of both sides:   


First step : Both corporation leaders meet to discuss the following aspects of the Mutual War:

  • Time

  • Location

  • Authorized representatives

  • Ship and fit Limitations

  • Bantering and Smack talk

Example Agreement

Mutual Wardeck Agreement

The Persuaders VS The Etesians

Time: 01 May 2020 - 07 May 2020 (1 week agreement )

Locations: Both sides agreed on holding all fights and Wd related activities limited in Teshi. Sayarchaten Sorzialang systems .  Any aggression outside of this zones and disturbance gives right to cancel Mutual War agreements  instantly .  ( Low /Nulll/ Wh systems can be included or excluded over agreement with dedicated terms ).

Authorised represantatives : For the persuaders Bluelysian and GaolingFan For The Etesians Spente le stelle and Viraha is authorized to talk in name of their corporations for any inconvenience.

Ships and Fits: Both sides use T1 line max T2 fitted  ships.   Cruiser and down allowed . All transport ships are free to travel . All structures will be out of mutual war content. ( ship size and taste may vary. In this example  The Etesians wanted to practice with cruisers or smaller).

Pods : Within the persuaders and The Etesians  No pod kills and no HG implants allowed against war targets .

Bantering and Smack Talk : It is allowed between parts as long as mutually agreed on it and  keep it light hearted by bearing in mind that its all about fun and also may be bit persuade each other for fights .. This context is fundamentally  for the sportive  purposes and as long as  brings fun for both sides its celebrated.  


Both sides can engage each other freely and without prewarning in mentioned areas with ships that fit the criteria.




       War starts with FFA party hosted by the Persuaders in Amarr 1.0  ..This will helps and promotes relationships within both sides and good  to salute each other from the first day .

The Persuaders is a friendly fire legal corporation. Therefore our corp members can shoot at each other freely. If the other side are also friendly fire legal we can run standart FFA where sides reship from bowheads constantly warp to arena and everybody may shoot at each other and no one leaves the arena until their ship is destroyed“.

If the other corp does not have that speciality (being friendly fire legal) we will offer two bowheads, one for each corporations filled with identical ships and fits and fight as packs against each other with constant reships.


End of War

    War ends by “mothership” where each side has  1 “mothership”   preferably battle ship or one size bigger ship than the restrictions in the mutual war agreement. The rest of the corp members defend their mothership by constantly reshipping smaller hulls until one one of sides “mothership” has been destroyed. After that point, reshipping will stop and the corporation killing the last ship wins the field.

    Both sides can end the war in any disturbance and observation of rules are broken, both sides can also choose to solve the issue with mutual satisfaction and progress for further until the due date of war.


General Principles

  • The members of each corporation are obligated to follow the rules. If breaking of the rules cause an inconvenience they are responsible to reimburse damage. In case where they refuse to do that, Corp leaders are responsible for reimbursement and free to decide about how to approach their corp members who break the rules. 

      "if issue become repetitive and the efforts to resolve it fails, The Persuaders will break the agreement and will not engage in this kind of activity with the same entity again"


  • During war time, corporations may plan some arranged fights during active hours in dedicated locations.

  • The conditions, rules and limitations of the war declaration must be written down and sent to all  members by the two corporation leaders as an in-game mail or an announcement on discord at least 2 days before the war become active. (Or any other communication method the corp uses, example: corp website).

  • If the opponent corporation members have a low sec status War Deck locations can be limited by lower than 0,5 security systems. FFA and “Mothership” events can also be held in one of low sec systems both sides agreed on.