Mutual War Concept

Mutual War Concept
Mutual War Concept

       Mutual war is one of the New Eden’s oldest and nearly forgotten tradition. Simple put  it stands for two corporation  wardeck against each other on a mutual  agreement . By this mean.. 2 sides accepts to engage each other all over new eden without any any Concord intervention. And with their own terms. They shape their own space with their own rules.  


So in fact it rewrite and create a new space with its own rules in New Eden.


  • Insta- PVP opportunity the second you undock from station.. No more roaming for hours to find a 1 fight.

  • No Concord restrictions gives space for more creative solo /skirmish possibilities.

  • Perfect ground for practice and develop piloting skills with  consecutive fights.

  • Pilots can share their experience and get instant feed back from their opponents. Since they are in fact sharing same community even same comms.

  • Perfect opportunity for the rookie pilots to  learning  PVP mechanics since they share the same environment with veteran pilots.

  • Veteran pilots can find an opportunity to push their limits and find opponents measure up to them.

  • Helps pilots to learn different fittings, tactics, engagement profiles and fleet disciplines keep them on their toes always which helps to increase awareness and reaction speed .

  • Both side of the the  war  in fact  cooperate and move together in case there is 3. Party target on grid. Which means when there is low sec roams they fight as brothers in arms  and and move together.

  • Creates a strong community with a spine since pilots takes fights against each other in solo /skirmish  constantly, and cooperate against 3. parties together. They develop  a solid understanding about themselves and others strengths and weaknesses. And learn how to deal.

  • Since its mutual agreement ..war deck to  each other costs nothing regardless the amount of members.. and sides can hold the war simply forever with no cost. Sides doesn’t need to have War HQ.  So both part can be even not War Eligible for the rest of the New Eden . For more info :


  • Its HARDCORE PVP. Where your knowledge and understanding along with piloting skills will be challenged.

  • Rookies must learn basic survival skills first. Standing up against bunch of veterans requires courage and suitable mindset to process . But pays off fast. They learn faster,  find a chance to engage other rookies  in solo/skirmish fights or  they can fleet up together to hunt down vets .

  • Requires dedicated PVP character. It is Perma War condition…Pilots cannot engage mining industry and other PVE activities freely with a character in Perma war . Alt character is  MUST for isk making activities to be self sustainable in PVP activities .

  •  Healthy risk assessment is rewarded and embraced while risk averse pilot attitudes naturally ends up with isolation and less fight opportunities for the pilot who is presenting.