This skillplan carefully crafted and optimised in a way that you can fly properely fitted ships and  engage PVP as effective and fast as possible. And its all compatible with our entrance level T1/Meta Corporations fits. Those fits are named with capital letters in "Fitting"  window under the "Corporation Fits"  tab. Those are  effective entrance lvl fits and most of them dependent to CPU Management 5 and Power Grid Management 5 . Therefor we strongly suggest to very new players to use part of  their 1 million free skill point that given by CCP to lvl those two skills 5.        

       In game skill interface and the way of presenting skills  can be difficult to overlook and evaluate your situation quickly. What has currently trained or needs to be progressed.. therefor we strongly suggest you to sign in to This will allow and  help your mentor to see your current skills as well as which ships you may fly with which capacity. So we can look into those together , adjust, optimize  and personalize your fits in order to your skill points distribution. this process also contributes to your awareness around  fitting mechanics  too.     




       This skillplan will be divided in three categories. We strongly suggest your to read each sections explanations carefully and do not put any skill on your queue without reading and learning its function.

Category 1 (C1) lists the CPU and PWG skills which will be important when fitting modules within your ships CPU and PG restrictions.

Category 2 (C2) lists the skills that will be necessary for using the corp. Fits found in the corpfits section which are the same fits handed out from corp hangars. You need these to even use many of the modules.

Category 3 (C3) will attempt to shed some light on how to train for Spaceships and weapon systems. This part is a bit more tricky since what you train here should come down to personal preference.


The complete list might look intimidating but it will give you a lot of value for a very limited amount of time. It might look like a lot but it will train fast.



Category 1 (C1)


-(C1), CPU and PG: Train these skills (along with category 2 skills) to the specified lvl to make sure you can fly all the alpha fits (excluding weapon system skills and Ship Command skills). These are the most important skills in existence. Train them!


Power Grid Management 5  

CPU Management 5

Weapon Upgrades 4

Advanced Weapon Upgrades 3


Jury Rigging 3

Armor Rigging 2

Energy Weapon Rigging 2

Projectile Weapon Rigging 2

Hybrid Weapon Rigging 2

Launcher Rigging 2


Shield Upgrades 4



Category 2 (C2)

-(C2), Module, fitting and other essential skills: Train these skills to make sure you can online all the modules used by the alpha corp fits. Here Im also listing a few skills that will net you a lot of value for time. Again, excluding weapon system and ship command skills.


Armor Layering 3

EM Armor Compensation 2

Thermal Armor Compensation 2

Explosive Armor Compensation 2

Kinetic Armor Compensation 2

Hull Upgrades 4

Mechanics 4

Repair Systems 4


Weapon Disruption 2


Capacitor Emission Systems 3

Capacitor Management 3

Capacitor Systems Operation 3

Electronics Upgrades 3

Energy Grid Upgrades 3


Science 4


Thermodynamics 3


Acceleration Control 3

Afterburner 3

Evasive Maneuvering 3

Fuel Conservation 3

High Speed Maneuvering 3

Navigation 3

Warp Drive Operation 3


Astronautics Rigging 2

Shield Rigging 2


EM Shield Compensation 2

Thermal Shield Compensation 2

Explosive Shield Compensation 2

Kinetic Shield Compensation 2

Shield Compensation 3

Shield Emission Systems 3

Shield Operation 4

Shield Upgrades 4

Tactical Shield Manipulation 2


Ladar Sensor Compensation 2

Magnetometric Sensor Compensation 2

Gravimetric Sensor Compensation 2

Radar Sensor Compensation 2

Signature Analysis 3

Long Range Targeting 4

Target Management 4

Category 3 (C3)


-(C3)  Spaceship command and Weapon systems: Category 3 is where the combat specific skills happen. This is where you enable and improve your ships skills and weapon systems. This part is everything but straight forward. Lets break down this in 3 parts:


- Drones (this one is special since once you advance beyond destroyers almost all combat ships benefit from it.)

- Spaceships

- Weaponsystems



-Drones are something you should train no matter what so lets start with that:


Drones 5

Caldari Drone Specialization 2

Amarr Drone Specialization 2

Gallente Drone Specialization 2

Minmatar Drone Specialization 2

Drone Durability 3

Drone Navigation 3

Light Drone Operation 4

Medium Drone Operation 4

Drone Avionics 3

Drone Interfacing 3

Drone Sharpshooting 3




-Moving on to Spaceship command:


Spaceship Command 4


After this it all comes down to preference.




-Weapon systems. As an Alpha you should never settle for lower than lvl 3 or maybe even lvl 4 in weaponsystem supportskills. Those are the ones I will list below. After that, start training the weapons you need!:



Gunnery 4

Trajectory Analysis 3

Surgical Strike 3

Sharpshooter 3

Motion Prediction 3

Rapid Firing 3

Controlled Bursts 3

Now train your desired weapon!



Missile Launcher Operation 4

Warhead Upgrades 3

Rapid Launch 3

Guided Missile Precision 3

Target Navigation Prediction 3

Missile Projection 3

Missile Bombardment 3

Now train your desired weapon!



That concludes this skillguide. After this you will start moving up to more skill intensive modules and ships but make no mistake, with practice you will excel even in what you can use after completing this list. You have a few immediate options at this point. Here are some examples:


Improving Propulsion

Ewar (Electronic warfare)

More spaceships

Improving weaponsystems

Enhancing fitting skills further.

Scanning and cloaking.


The list goes on. If you want help in deciding. Just ask!



Chaz Aa