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NPE -Amarr Public Event

The first day you start playing EVE Online is the BEST day you start learning PVP.

Eve-online is a PVP game and this is an invitation for you to taste PVP, take solo fights with other rookies, have a lot of fun, break prejudices and have a great learning experience for free.

Non-stop grinding and mining is not a destiny … Write your own story through the stars!

If your pilot is younger than 30 days old or returning pilot with very low skill points and if you like the idea follow these instructions: 

2020-03-19 (8).webp
join channel.png

What you need to do :

  1. Join the “Academy Eternal War” in-game chat channel.

  2. Set destination to  Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy. Come with your pod or free corvette.

  3. Type the letter X into the channel and sent it as a message. Or bluelysian right click on this character’s name and choose start conversation to start direct message session with me to ask fleet invite .and You will then get a fleet invite. Accept it. this will also open a fleet special temporary channel. This will allow you to board free ships from very special capital ships called BOWHEAD. Bowheads are like flying stations. They can carry fitted ready-to-fly ships and pilots can board different ships from their hangar. Also, this will allow you to warp to the bowhead. There will be " bowheads outside the Todaki station 200km east and 200 km west side Piloted by Spente le Stelle  or/and La Douleur Exquise.

  4. To do that … warp close to one of those bowhead pilots then right-clicking on Spente le Stele or Viraha’s bowheads. its your choice one of them is pink in the fleet window, and warp to them. Choose “Open Ship Maintenance Bay”, and pick a ship you can fly. There will be fitted PVP frigates for all 4 races suitable to use from the first day of EVE. So do not worry about your skills.

  5. When you board your ship, look for other rookies who have boarded ships from BOWHEADS in the fleet, and invite them to a duel. To do that right-click on the other pilot’s name and choose “Invite to duel” at the bottom. This will give you a special timer between you and the other player. So you can engage each other in high sec without getting killed by Concord. Before you invite anyone or accept any invitation, check how old their character is. You can see that on top if you choose that character, and right-click on it and click show info. We recommend accepting duels from pilots close to your age.

  6. Please do not kill each other’s Capsules. If you have learning implants or such, try to come up with a clean clone. If your Capsule is empty there is no issue, but still do not kill Capsules, as people could be sent many jumps away. If you don’t kill pods, you might have a chance to get another fight from the same person, as opposed to them being sent many jumps away at no reward for you.

  7. After kill (You are free to loot your kills, and you can sell for ISK at  Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy. If you couldn’t get the kill, get into another ship from the bowhead, and try again. IF you need assistance there will be vets to guide you… You can also ensure ships and make some isk over it when you lose them. Yes, insurance fraud :) and it is totally fine.

  8. Please join our discord channel Academy Eternal War DISCORD  and feel free to chit chat, join comms ask questions if you struggle at any point, and share the fun while fighting each other.



This event was brought to you by the Academy Eternal War. It’s an institution founded by veterans dedicated to building bridges between experienced  PVP'ers and new pilots who would like to learn the ropes of PVP. It is a non-profit community on focus institution dedicated to increasing piloting qualities in Eve Online.

The event will take place 13:00- 22:00 Eve Time from 14-19 March in Amarr
Veterans will answer questions… introduce modules and fittings as well as hold small classes between fights which include some basic strategies and techniques.

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