Please read carefull and ask if there is anything not very clear for you. 

First Rule over all of them and will never change and never remove : We Honour 1V1' s

Area of Operations: All of EVE 

The Persuders fights only in Amarr 1,0 system

SPECIAL NOTE: ONLY T1 frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers BC's allowed to fight ON HQ GRIDS! NO T2, Trigs, pirate or faction. This rule is to discourage LOL campers and station games, If you want to fly other ships, take them off the HQ grids.


1) No pod killing (You can pod kill third party war targets, never pod kill THE PERSUADERS players.)

2) No ECM mid slot modules. This includes ECM Bursts. (Unless approved by a Command member for a specific fight).

***Note: ECM does not mean all EWAR. ECM is just target jammers. All other EWAR, such as points, webs, tracking disruptors, sensor damps, target painters, etc. are allowed and encouraged. ECM drones ARE allowed.


3) Honour arranged fights. Do not interfere with someone else's arranged fight. And arranged fights are only on planets or sun


4) Do not engage opposing color ANYWHERE IN EVE when Purple is set ON in Corp or The Persuaders Community chat. Also, regardless of the setting of Purple in chat, if a third party target is on grid Purple is automatically ON at that grid.


5) NO boosters/logi/probers. In Corp boosters/logi/probers should be used sparingly and if in a fleet, only with the FC's permission. 6) No Pirate implants allowed against The Persuders members .. you can feel free to use on 3. parties but we are not suggesting. It doesn't make you a better pilot .. It cause nothing else than making you more dull .. Note that the only modification for low and nullsec is that there are no ship or implant limitations. All other The Persuaders rules apply. If you shoot a purple fleet, it will shoot back!


If you are found breaking these, we will steal your cookies!