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CORE Members of the Academy Eternal War, All PVP oriented pilots who knows each other for years and after many adventures. It is a knit tight small group of pilots who enjoy casual Solo/Small gang PVP and they all enjoy helping new pilots, share their knowledge and experience while enjoying their gameplay. CORE group pilots have different levels of experience and knowledge which also helps us to be in check for developing more effective support/teaching strategies. 

Core Members are equally authorised to run operations, events as well as carry many managemental roles simply act as directors with strong coordination. While they still stand independent about lvl of their schedule, contribution and their own style.    


Our Story

Being awestruck by the wonders of New Eden as a newbie. Mining the rocks of countless systems. Advancing into nerve-wrecking battle for the first time. The thrill of learning something that you never thought you could learn. Being part of an ambitious grab of assets. Wielding the sword of knowledge and the shield of experience. Rediscovering the familiar wonder and excitement of the dogfight. The circle is complete and here we are, trying to relive it.


Our journey really started when we first experienced the chaos and confusion of battle. We went through it all. What we learned is that a triggered and battered ego will eventually grow a strong character.


"Who cares if you fight with us or against us when the main objective is to paint the star's pink."


Eyes open. Cold death. Memory returns. Flashes of pain. A subtle smile.

"Bitches I love you all but this time I'll do the killing. Get your clones ready!"

Meet The Team

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